Fun for all!

Family holidays can be a minefield. You want to spend time together, but not get under each other’s feet. You want to explore new places, but you don’t want to spend hours in the car. You need golf for dad, a spa for mum, and lots of activities for the kids. Perhaps, a cruise holiday could be the answer.

Rather than listening to the Harry Potter audio books on repeat and putting up with repeated cries of ‘are we there yet???’ on your family road trip this summer, why not book a cruise package and let someone else do the driving! On board a luxury cruise liner, while you sail to a new destination each day, the kids can run riot in the pool, play tennis or join the kids club activities, and you can finally finish that book you have been trying to find time to read since your last holiday!

1. Food & Drink

If you stay in a resort or rent an apartment, one of the expenses that can add up is feeding everyone. When you book a family cruise you know the cost in advance because all your food is included! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and even room service can be included in the price. If you are looking for all-inclusive drinks and shore excursions as well speak to one of our My Cruises Holiday Experts about which cruise deal would best suit your family.

2. Activities & Excursions

With plenty of activities on offer you will be spoiled for choice! On larger ships there is almost as much to do on the ship as there is on shore! Hiking up volcanoes, swimming with dolphins and trekking through the jungle are just some of the experiences on offer for the adventurous members of the family. While city walking tours, classical concerts and visits to botanical gardens are among the gentler excursions.  Ask your My Cruises Holiday Expert about the shore excursions on offer for your chosen route.

3. All Generations

Cruise holidays are popular with extended families because they really do cater for everyone. Bridge and ballroom dancing for gran, teenage hangouts for the kids and a nice relaxing break for mum, with no washing up in sight! It’s not often that you get everyone around the dinner table each night, on board a cruise ship you can choose from relaxed buffet dining or enjoy the chance to dress up and sport that cocktail dress you have had your eye on, with more formal dining options. A great chance for everyone to share stories of the days adventures on and off the ship!

Can't get enough?

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By Sarah Tayler

Sarah is an avid traveller. When not writing for My Cruises, she can be found gallivanting around the globe. Her favourite port of call is Barcelona because it’s close to the city and she is a sucker for Gaudi and tapas! A big fan of leisurely river cruising as well, Sarah loves nothing more than stopping off along the banks of the Loire Valley for a spot of wine tasting and visiting Bordeaux for the history and amazing French food. On her cruise holiday to-do list is the Panama Canal, an Arctic expedition cruise and a river cruise through Asia.