The Royal Treatment.

Cruising, in general, is a bit of a treat. Not only do you get to travel between countries without the hassle of airport check-ins or carting your luggage around, but all of your meals are provided (with an extensive range of options) and there are countless activities waiting just outside your cabin door! Imagine if you could have all of that and more—live like a royal for just a few days. Getting the royal treatment is easier than you think. Take a cruise with Cunard!

Cunard are experts in the royal treatment. With ships dedicated to, and named by renowned British monarchs, it makes sense that sophisticated luxury would be a natural part of their brand. But it’s the level to which Cunard take their royal treatment which really sets them apart.

Think custom carpets, bold brass-work beaming off balustrades, chandeliers lighting the common areas, and sublime harp music echoing, live, throughout the halls. All this and more wait on a Cunard ship—from the accommodation, to the entertainment, and even to the conduct of the staff themselves, boarding with Cunard is like entering a whole new world!

Lavish Luxury

Whether you’re cruising on the Queen Victoria, the Queen Elizabeth, or the flagship Queen Mary 2, you’ll notice the Cunard difference immediately. Settle into your luxury cabin and forget all the horror stories you may have heard about cabin space and tight bathrooms.

Even the smallest Cunard room has been designed to reflect that of an upmarket hotel. Choose from a range of pillows to find your perfect match and sleep well on large, plush beds. Bathrooms maximise the limited allocation of space and fine details, like gold trimmings and a “Bon Voyage” bottle of wine or champagne, will really help you settle in!

Civilised Adventures

Cunard ships exude sophistication, catering for civilised high-society with wine tastings, champagne bars, cigar rooms, indulgent treatment suites, and a range of culinary extravaganzas to boot. Guests are encouraged to dine where the mood takes them, and all moods are certainly accommodated!

French cuisine, traditional English pub fare, and outstanding buffets feature on all ships, plus there are balls, high-teas, and plenty of tasteful soirées. Dress up for occasion in cocktail attire at the Queen and Princess Grill daily and treat yourself to exquisite White-Star service with staff that go above and beyond to meet your needs!

Expanding Horizons

Choose from over 500 itineraries to expand your horizons. Cunard cruises from Europe to Australia, America to Asia, and nearly all of the continents and islands in-between. Guests can be accommodated comfortably for both short and long terms (from 2-nights to 134nights!) and the activity and entertainment options definitely reflect that!

The Cunard insight and enrichment programme is a feature on all ships. Attend lectures by famous astronomers, historians, politicians, and more, and take classes with artists and sommeliers passionate about their trade. Learn the skills and values of high society while travelling in the manner that you should be accustomed. That’s the royal treatment you’ll get with Cunard!