Freedom. Feeling Free. Experiencing endless possibilities.


Are these words and phrases ringing any bells? Have you woken up to your obnoxiously loud alarm with this sometimes-unexplainable vibration through your body, finding yourself wishing to feel free?  


Let me guess your answer; yes!


Let me ask you this though. What does that actually mean? What does feeling free, actually feel like?


Now the Oxford Dictionary describes the term “free” as an adjective meaning to be able to act or be done as one wishes; not under control of another. To no longer feel confined.


Whilst it puts us in the right direction, it doesn’t really explain why we get so wishful, and excited at the prospect of feeling free, what it means to feel free and what that actually feels like.


To be honest, the only thing I can think of is, that the feeling is different for everyone and ultimately stems from our desires. We crave the ability to fulfill those little nuggets of wants and desires and ultimately when we do we feel free.


For some, it is being able to explore the world around them, and the places they feel drawn to.


For some, it is letting go of the seriousness in life, playing kid, and doing activities that cause one of those jaw aching smiles, that always seem oh so corny, but are amazing when you have one.


For some, it is feeling a rush of adrenaline. Throwing caution to the wind. Being daring and wild.


For some, it is waking up when they want, spending the day with nowhere to go and nothing to do other than just being.


For some, it is being transported to another world, even for an hour or so. Becoming completely entrenched in a story and mesmerised with how it is told.


Truthfully the list of “for some’s” can go on and on. Feeling free is different for everyone. Although the one thing that seems generally similar is that; feeling free always seems so hard, so out of reach, something that we hope we will feel one day, but we are never really certain we will.


Here is the thing; what if it wasn’t actually, all that hard. What if you could, in fact, feel completely and utterly free, in a way that is unique to you, in a way that fulfills what free feels like for you.

Norwegian Cruise line have focused heavily on tapping into what it means to feel free and kept this front of mind when it came to the significant refurbishment of their ship; Joy earlier this year.


As the sister ship to Bliss and one of NCL’s highest ship classes, Joy is where luxurious meets extraordinary. Explore the depths of the West Coast to Alaska and the Mexican Riviera and Panama Cannel from Miami and Los Angles in complete freedom onboard.


There is a little special something onboard for everyone, designed fully to fulfill wants and desires. It isn’t everyday that feeling this way is that achievable and is that customised to you personally. NCL Joy have given us this opportunity, and trust me I know how corny this is going to sound, but I feel just little bit freer thinking about it.


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