Exclusive Norway Cruises!

My Cruises have carefully selected the best Norway cruises with our exclusive Bonus Extras! On a Norwegian cruise, you will be able to explore the amazing cities at the top of the world, explore the Artics Circle & possibly even see the Northern Lights!

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The Infamous Northern Lights!

Alta is known as the home of the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights Cathedral was built to honour this magnificent natural phenomenon and should be on all visitor’s must-see list. Alta is also home to the Unesco listed museum with ancient rock carvings depicting life thousands of years ago.  See the natural untouched beauty of Europe’s largest canyon, the Sautso-Alta canyon, filled with hiking trails to explore. or head down the canyon’s river aboard a guided tour.


Stunning Tromsø

Tromsø located above the Arctic Circle is the world’s largest Arctic city. Tromsø is encompassed in the natural beauty of Norwegian Fjords and this picturesque hub is capped in snow for most of the year. Don’t let the chilly weather fool you! Tromsø has a lively nightlife and calendar filled with exciting cultural events. The people of Tromsø love to boast that they have more pubs per capita than any other city in Norway!