Mediterranean Cruise Packages with My Cruises!

My Cruises have carefully selected the best Mediterranean Cruise packages with our exclusive Bonus Extras! When you book a cruise & tour holiday with us you will enjoy exploring new places on your fully guided tour before relaxing onboard & traversing the oceans and rivers of the Mediterranean.

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Meander around the Mediterranean

Envisage yourself sipping sangria in Spain or eating real Italian gelato? We can make it happen! Our Mediterranean cruises are the best way to explore some of Europe’s most ancient civilisations and tick off those bucket-list destinations. Visit more Mediterranean locations than you thought could fit into one holiday. Fall in love with Italy and France, be enchanted by Morocco, and discover what true natural beauty is in Croatia. Mediterranean cruises have something for everyone, whether you’re a history buff or a leisure lover. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the choice—take the hassle out of cruising with My Cruises. We’ve hand-picked a selection of the best Mediterranean cruises to create unbeatable packages for you. Make sure your cruise of the Mediterranean is unique. Contact a My Cruises Holiday Expert today!

Why cruise the Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean is the home of some of the world’s most ancient civilisations. If the ruins of Greece and Rome aren’t enough to get you travelling through this spectacular part of the world, here are a few other draw cards to pique your interest.

Cruise into French-colonial Casablanca and treat your eyes to an amazing blend of Art Deco buildings and labyrinth-style old city markets. Packed with traditional treasures, you can easily lose yourself in the charm of The Old Medina, so it’s probably best to take a map!

Continue your creative journey in Spain, marvelling at the artistic wonders of Barcelona. Gaudi’s vibrant architecture, complete with curls and mosaics, will prepare you for the natural colour palette of Croatia—a country of clear blue and green waters that appear almost fluorescent in the beaming sunlight! Explore museums, archaeological sites, and the famous Mt Vesuvius in Naples and find serenity in the beautiful beach-side villages of Corfu. There really is so much to do in the Mediterranean, you’ll be spoilt for choice!