How to beat motion sickness on a cruise

There is nothing worse than setting sail on your dream cruise holiday, only to be bed bound with the room spinning around you. Here are our top tips for avoiding getting seasick on a cruise:

Consider your itinerary

Some places are notoriously rougher than others. River cruises are probably the best cruises for people prone to travel sickness as they tend to be the gentlest. If you want to go on an ocean cruise stick to voyages through sheltered bays such as Baltic cruises and Mediterranean cruises, or cruises that stick closer to the shore such as a Hawaiian cruise.

Prepare in advance

If this is your first cruise and you have a history of motion sickness on boat trips or long car rides talk to your local pharmacist in advance and make sure that any medication or precautions are taken well before you get on the ship as per the pharmacist’s guidelines. Most preventative medicines and travel bands take a few hours to kick in and work best if you take them before you actually feel sick.

Fresh air

If you do start to feel seasick whilst on board head up on deck for some fresh ocean air. Looking out at the horizon when you have motion sickness is said to make you feel less queasy and can help steady you until you build up your sea legs!

My Cruises Cruise deals

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