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Cruising can be confusing. With so many itineraries, ships and destinations to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start! That’s where we come in. At My Cruises our aim is to make cruising as hassle-free as possible. From the planning and research, to getting to and from the ship and enjoying your time at sea, our Cruise Holiday Experts have got you covered!

See below for some of our most frequently asked questions about cruise holidays. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, get in touch! Our Cruise Holiday Experts have over 30 years of experience and will be able to help you with any information and advice you need. No question is too big or too small! We love helping our customers because, after all, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference!

Where do cruises go?

Everywhere! Cruises are the ideal way to reach those remote bucket list destinations you have been dreaming of! Whether you have always wanted to visit isolated villages in Alaska, wander the white sandy beaches of Tahiti, or drink fine French wine from a remote riverside vineyard, there is a cruise holiday for you! Check out our destinations page for more details.

Can I arrange flights and accommodation with My Cruises?

Most of our My Cruises packages include flights and transfers. Some even include bonus pre or post-cruise accommodation! If you’re wanting to extend your stay after your cruise, all of our cruise deals are 100% customisable. To arrange onward travel, a stopover on the way home or extra accommodation and transfers just let us know!

I’ve booked, now what?

Once you have confirmed your cruise we recommend organising your shore excursions as soon as you can because they can fill up quickly. Access your online check-in to view the choices and contact our My Cruises Holiday Experts if you have any questions or want advice on shore tours.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not mandatory on cruises, but we do highly recommend it! Travel with confidence knowing that you’ll be ok if unforeseen circumstances arise. At My Cruises, you can purchase your travel insurance with us. Click here for more information!

How do I book shore excursions?

The beauty of a cruise holiday is that you can wake up in a new destination everyday! To make the most of your time in port, you may want to book one of your cruise line’s shore excursions. These are a great way to get around, plus they ensure that you’ll make it back to the ship before it sets sail again! Book your shore excursions via your cruise line’s online check-in.

What currency will I need?

Most cruise lines offer cashless cruising. To access this all you have to do is set up your account at the start of your voyage and then settle your bill at the end of the trip. Currency on board will vary between cruise lines but you can pay for most things using a credit card. You may need local currency when in port to purchase drinks, snacks and souvenirs. Ask us about this when you book!

What should I pack?

When cruising, it’s always best to over-pack then be caught out at sea having left something behind! This said, most cruise ships have a range of shops where you can pick up some things you may forget.


Dress codes vary between cruise lines. Some lines have several formal nights and a stricter dress code, while others are more modern and relaxed. If you’re not sure what your cruise line is like, our Cruise Holiday Experts are here to help! The destinations you travel to will also impact your choices. It’s best to pack more than just a bikini if you’re going to Alaska! Destinations in the northern hemisphere have dramatic winter and summer seasons. They’re also opposite to ours in Australia. For all destinations, even tropical climates, consider taking a few warmer layers and a light rain jacket, just in case. Pack some comfy shoes for shore excursions—you can end up doing a lot of walking when discovering a new place!


Cruises come jam-packed with things to do and activities to keep you entertained, but if you are partial to a bit of ‘me’ time, make sure you pack a good book, your binoculars for spotting wildlife and a pack of cards or travel board games. If you are travelling to a warmer climate, it may be worth packing a snorkel so you don’t have to pay to rent one at each destination.


If you have use prescription medication, make sure you keep it in your hand luggage in case your baggage gets misplaced. There are limited medical supplies in the shops on board and what is there can be expensive—make sure you pack all the essentials! Some items that might be handy include sunscreen, insect repellent, band-aids, painkillers and seasickness medication. For top tips on avoiding getting seasick click here. All cruise ships will have a doctor on board in the case of medical emergencies.

What will I pay for on board?

While most of your cruise holiday will be paid for before you set foot on board, there may be additional activities and meals that you’ll need to pay for. This can vary depending on your cruise line. Entertainment is generally free, though some ships may offer optional cooking classes, wine tastings and other events that will come at an extra charge. Spa treatments will also need to be paid for separately and drinks, outside of any package you may have, will need to be purchased on your cruise account. Dining is free once on board (even 24-hour room service on most ships!). Charges may apply at a specialty dining venues.

How much do drinks cost on board?

Drinks on board most cruise lines are similar prices to what you would pay for on land. Cocktails will start from roughly $9.00AUD per drink and can go up to $20.00AUD depending on which one you choose. Beers range from $6.00AUD upwards and spirits will range from $7.50AUD upwards, depending on the spirit. There are water stations, tea and coffee stations and normally a lemon cordial type of beverage in the buffet restaurant. These are all complimentary.

Can I take alcohol on my cruise?

Cruise lines have different rules regarding bringing alcohol on board. If you are planning to take your own alcohol on board, make sure you look up your chosen cruise line’s guidlines or check-in with your My Cruises Holiday Expert to make sure it’s allowed!

What drinks packages can I get?

Drinks packages vary between cruise lines and even cruise destinations. Some cruises have soft drinks or coffee packages that you can pre-buy and some have alcohol packages as well. Before you go, check that each package is valid in your cruise destination with our Cruise Holiday Experts.

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