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What is an Expedition Cruise?

When we think “cruise”, our brains tend to conjure images of giant ships bursting with people: lots of colour, lots of food, and lots of poolside lounging. For some travellers this is ideal—the perfect flop-and-drop experience. But what about those of us who want more?

Expedition cruises are ideal for travellers wanting a truly unique cruising experience. Reach otherwise inaccessible ports and visit remote communities. The world is full of fascinating secrets, and expedition cruises can help you to uncover them!

Feed your inner thrill-seeker

If you love nature, wildlife, or active-living, you’ll get your thrills on an expedition cruise! Hike through landscapes likened, geologically, to Mars, ride a rubber speedboat alongside whales, and meet local villagers in the far reaches of the globe! Each expedition cruise offers a range of different activities—let your adrenaline guide you and hike, cycle, and kayak to your heart’s content. Make a list of all the activities you want to do, in the places you want to do them and talk to your My Cruises consultant to find the expedition cruise for you!

Learn as you go

Expedition cruises, as the name suggests, are led by an expedition team rather than a traditional cruise “crew”. Information is an integral part of the cruise—instead of performers, the support staff are comprised of guest lecturers. Take part in a workshop as you cruise between ports. Learn all about the politics, culture, history, geology, geography, biology, ecology, and anthropology of each destination, and conclude your cruise holiday with a full brain and more knowledge of the world!

Comfort continues

While the vessel is generally not the focus of an expedition cruise, you’ll be far from roughing it. All ships offer slightly different features, but most give you plenty of opportunities to get to know your crew and fellow travellers. Dine, enjoy bars and lounges, and, in some cases, unwind in pools, hot tubs, and spa facilities! Expedition cruises generally accommodate around 100 guests, meaning that “inside cabins” are rare (hello amazing views!) and there are plenty of opportunities to socialise (ideal for solo travellers!).

So, if you want to explore the globe on the adventure of a lifetime, do your research with the help of the My Cruises team and board an expedition cruise next holiday!

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By Kelsey Bricknell

Kelsey is a sun chaser and, when not writing about great cruise escapes for My Cruises, she can be found seeking eternal summer around the world. Her favourite cruise destination is the South Pacific. From vibrant coral reefs and beachside dining, to lush tropical vegetation and joyous cultural ceremonies, every South Pacific port meets Kelsey’s “ideal holiday” standards! The Mediterranean and Norwegian Fjords are on her cruise to-do list—the pull of stunning Greek coastlines, good food and wine and historic art and architecture almost win hands-down, but every sun lover can make an exception for the breathtaking icy mountain passes of Europe’s Far North!