Greek Island Cruises

An Unforgettable Way To Discover Greece

Exploring the islands of Greece is an unmissable experience—ancient ruins abound, cliffs fall to meet the sea, and myths and legends come alive in this breathtaking country. Cruise Greek islands to gaze upon the white and blue capped shorelines of sprawling local residences. Stop in at ports to sample mouthwatering Mediterranean flavours.

My Cruises have hand-picked the best Greek itineraries to make sure you get the most from your cruising adventure. We leave nothing to chance, so whether you want to enjoy a beer in a local taverna or take in thousands of years of fascinating history, we can make it happen. Forget the hassle of choosing between cruise ships, or picking which port to depart from. We have done it all for you! There’s never been a better way to discover Greece. Call us today and chat with our dedicated Greece cruise experts.

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Adriatic & Greek Isles Cruise


• 14 Night Cruise • Flights • 2 Nights’ Pre Cruise Accommodation • $2000 Bonus Value


Sacred Sanctuaries – Athens


• 10 Night Cruise • Flights • 2 Nights’ Pre or Post Cruise Accommodation in Athens • $2500 Bonus Value


Greek Cruise Holidays

Why Cruise Greece?

The Greek islands are famous for their Mediterranean hospitality complete with fresh flavours, great local music and gregarious restaurant owners. When you cruise the Greek islands, you can experience all this and more. Take in your wondrous holiday destination from the bottom of a cliff rising from the shoreline to support spectacular architecture; watch the sun beam off the fresh blue and white buildings in Santorini and visit ancient ruins in Athens.

The history buff will be at home on a Greek island cruise. From insightful tours amongst the birthplace of modern philosophy and politics, to a walk around the home of the first Olympics, you’ll be able to trace elements of our global culture back to their humble roots!

The sun seems to always shine in this radiant part of the world. So, whether you’re after great food, entertainment and a sunny spot to relax, or if you want to get amongst a new culture and learn all there is to learn, a Greek cruise will complete your holiday checklist!

Greek Island Cruises

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