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An Unforgettable Adventure To The Arctic Circle

Enter the Arctic wonderland—whitewashed and icy for part of the year; luscious and green the next. A cruise through Canada or Alaska is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with the stunning natural phenomenons of our globe’s far north, exploring the region from the comfort of a technologically advanced ship. Our Canadian and Alaskan cruise packages have something for everyone, including the experience-driven adventurer and the elite, boutique traveller. Cruise Alaska for access to remote areas and isolated communities, see polar bears in their natural habitat, or stand in awe as your Canadian cruise ship is dwarfed by the region’s epic glacial landmarks. Canadian and Alaskan cruises will open your eyes to a whole new kind of natural beauty. Contact the My Cruises team to find out more today!

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Glacier Bay Cruise


• 7 Night Cruise • Flights • 2 Nights’ Pre or Post Cruise Accommodation • $2000 Bonus Value


Ultimate Alaska


• 10 Night Cruise • Flights • 2 Nights’ Pre Cruise Accommodation In Seattle • 2 Nights’ Post Cruise Accommodation In Vancouver • $4000 Bonus Value


Canada, Alaska & Japan Cruise


• 15 Night Cruise • Flights • 2 Nights’ Pre Cruise Accommodation In Vancouver • 2 Nights’ Post Cruise Accommodation In Tokyo • $2500 Bonus Value


Alaska Highlights


• 7 Night Cruise • Flights • 3 Nights’ Accommodation In Seattle • $4000 Bonus Value


Arctic Cruise Holidays

Why an Arctic cruise?

There’s nothing better than coming back from a holiday so unique that it makes all of your friends and family jealous! Cruise Canada and Alaska for unbeatable photo opportunities and memories that are second-to-none. A Canadian or Alaskan cruise is spectacular no matter what time of year you go. From the well-known icy surrounds of winter, to the vibrant wildflowers that light up the north in summer, you’ll always be awestruck in this picturesque part of the world.

My Cruises are passionate about delivering only the best itineraries and bonus inclusions on the market. Our Canadian and Alaskan cruise experts have worked closely with trusted partners to produce carefully curated, custom built packages for you. Spot bears, deer and moose in thick alpine forests, or swap the ship deck for a jet boat and meet locals in remote villages—an experience so special and rare.

Activities are endless in these unbeatable cruise packages but, if it all gets too much, you have the option to hibernate in one of the many restaurants or entertainment outlets on board the ship. No matter what your holiday goals are, these cruise packages will make sure that you’re the envy of all of your friends. Leave nothing to chance; contact My Cruises to book your Canadian or Alaskan cruise today!

Canadian Cruises

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