Hawaii Cruises

Say Aloha to the Hawaiian Islands!

Explore the real Hawaii and embrace the island vibe with My Cruises! A Hawaiian cruise allows you to visit multiple islands and really get a feel for the unique Polynesian culture and traditions. Our packages make cruising hassle free. We know that cruises are perfect for a whole range of reasons—family holidays, romantic getaways and all holidays in between! There’s so much you can do, or not do, on a Hawaii cruise. Explore, play, or just simply relax on the sun deck. We’ve taken care of everything, from meticulously composing the best itineraries, to booking your flights, transfers and post-cruise accommodation. Our Cruise Experts have everything covered, so all you have to do is apply some sunscreen, sit back and enjoy the ride as you cruise around Hawaii. Contact us to book your unique Hawaii Cruise today!

Why book a Hawaii cruise?

Hawaii is the ideal destination for first-time cruisers or passengers concerned about getting seasick. The distance between the islands in Hawaii is relatively short meaning you get more time in port and the cruise ships stay close to the shore and don’t experience too much unpredictability.

For passengers wanting more sea days to relax between ports, a Hawaii to Australia cruise is ideal. Stopping at small Pacific Islands and visiting remote communities and pristine beaches, a cruise around Hawaii allows you to see fascinating destinations that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Hawaii cruise stopovers

If you are travelling to Hawaii for a cruise holiday, why not hop over to the U.S. mainland for a few days before or after? With regular flights from Hawaii to San Francisco, Los Angeles and even Alaska, the possibilities are endless! Contact our Cruise Holiday Experts now to find out how!