Celebrity Apex


Celebrity Apex is an innovative addition to the Celebrity Edge series offering a luxurious cruise experience. Allowing the outdoors in, while keeping sophistication and style, this ship is truly a modern masterpiece. Boasting an outward-facing design ensures guests are inspired and refreshed by the world around them, Apex goes one step further with the extremely popular Magic Carpet. An external ship venue that changes function, mood, and location this outward platform is the world’s first cantilevered, floating dining and entertainment space with breathtaking views and a full bar. Awaken your senses at Eden, a 3-story sensory experience, and chill out on the Resort Deck in the Rooftop Garden, pool or adults-only solarium sanctuary. Onshore exploration is made easy with Edge Launches, taking you from ship to shore in luxury while the staterooms will make you eager to return. With 99% of rooms boasting a King-size signature Cashmere Mattress bed, the interiors are sleek and stylish evoking a sense of relaxed luxury.