Kodiak is all about bears. And what bears! This unique subspecies named for the Kodiak Archipelago where they are found evolved in isolation for around 12,000 years. Head down Cannery Row to learn about the fishing industry in Kodiak, with an introduction to this quaint, working Alaska city. Visit the Russian Orthodox Church where the priest or a member of the clergy will talk about the Russian church and the historic role it has played in Alaska. At the Fisherman’s Church, the Balilaka Players, a local band, perform traditional Russian music. As you listen to their music, enjoy Russian tea and treats such as borsch, Russian tea cakes and piroshi. Take a scenic drive past the largest Coast Guard Base in the United States and visit the Bear Town Market in the downtown area before returning to the ship. This is your chance to buy a locally made gift or postcard and view the work of Kodiak artists.