Small, Medium or Large Cruise?

There has never been a wider variety of ships cruising the globe than there is now. Choosing the right ship for you can be an exciting or sometimes daunting experience. With so many options – choice becomes confusing.

The best way to start is decide if you want a small, medium or large ship experience. All size ships have amazing benefits, it just depends on what type of cruise holiday you are searching for.

Here are the benefits of each size category to help you decide what appeals to you the most, so you get the best cruise experience possible.

Large ship cruising

These are the mega ships of the sea, sometimes stretching longer than 3 football fields in length and accommodating up to 6,000 people. These large ships are comparable to a floating resort at sea. World class entertainment and broadway shows, extensive list of amenities and facilities onboard ranging from ice skating rinks, go kart tracks, to even surf and sky dive simulators – the large cruise ships have it all. Some of these large cruise ships have up to 20 different restaurants onboard, so you never have to eat at the same place twice! There is an abundance of night-time activities always happening around the ship with inviting lounge bars, casinos and nightclubs if you want to party all night long.

Medium ship cruising

Somewhere in between the mega ships and the smaller boutique ships you will find the medium size ships. These mid-range ships offer a more premium cruise experience than the mega ships, however, still offer a very happy medium range of facilities and activities onboard to enjoy. Due to the size of these ships, it opens up access to smaller ports around the world for guests to experience where the larger ships can’t dock. Medium ship cruising is the perfect sized ships for those travellers wanting premium dining, entertainment and onboard activities without the sheer passenger numbers onboard a large ship.

Small ship & River cruising

For those who are searching for an intimate and relaxing cruise experience where you get access to off the beaten track ports, then small ship and river cruising is for you. Onboard small ships and river ships, you will receive world class personalised service, and a more unique and educational journey to medieval European towns, remote islands, and even nature-based adventures stretching from Antarctica all the way through to the Amazon. Fewer passengers make for an extremely intimate atmosphere onboard so you can easily make lifelong friends with other likeminded travellers. Small ship and river ships allow you to really immerse yourself in the destination with many cruise lines overnighting in ports to allow you more time off the ship exploring the local culture. These ships also are known to bring the destination onboard by using local wines and produce from the surrounding ports to ensure your experience carries from the town to the ship.

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