How to Pick the Right Cabin on a Cruise Ship

Picking the right cabin on your cruise ship can make or break your holiday, and with so many cabin categories and locations, it can get quite overwhelming. So here are our tips to help you pick the perfect cabin just for you!

Cruises attract a large and diverse range of passengers, each with their own idea of what constitutes a great cruise holiday. While some go on cruises for some well-deserved rest and relaxation, others might be more interested in spending their nights on the dance floor and partying until early hours of the morning. Picking the right cabin will go a long way in ensuring that, no matter what your idea of a great cruise is, you enjoy your time on board to its fullest.


Here’s 5 different cabin choices for 5 different travellers:

1. Peace and Quiet

If you’ve come onboard to wind down and recharge your batteries, then a cabin that is far away from common areas, elevators and passenger thoroughfares will allow you to enjoy a quiet and peaceful night’s sleep. Ask your MyCruises expert for advice at the time of making your reservation and they will be able to assist you with picking a nice and quiet cabin.

2. First Time Cruiser

Most modern cruise ships are so large that there is little to no discernible movement commonly associated with seasickness. However, if you are prone to suffering seasickness, consider selecting a cabin in the middle of the ship on a lower deck as this will give you added peace of mind. If you imagine that the ship is a seesaw, the middle will experience the least amount of movement and is the safest bet for those who haven’t quite mastered their sea legs.

3. Your Travelling Companions

You will need to consider the size of your travelling party. There are many options for couples, small
groups, small families and large multi-generational families. Most bookings are priced based on two people (twin share) or four people (quad share) per room. Get in touch with a MyCruises specialist if you’re travelling in a larger group, as we may be able to arrange discounted rates for multiple cabins and book your cabins close together, for your convenience. Solo travellers should also reach out to our team for insight into which lines offer dedicated single cabin services and facilities. We can also assist you in understanding the sometimes confusing ‘single supplement’ pricing structure for solo travellers.

4. The Money Saver

If you’d rather spend your money on shopping whilst in port or drinks over the bar, then perhaps you should consider a budget friendly cabin. These are usually located on the inside lower levels of the ship either at the aft or forward locations.

5. Cabin with a View

Most seasoned cruisers will agree that the best cabins are those with their own private balcony. Being able to step outside and breathe in the fresh sea air is a great way to relax and unwind. On some ships you may also find that a rear facing cabin has a larger balcony than those on the port and starboard sides. However, you can expect to pay a premium for enjoying the best cabins on board.

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