Benefits of booking your cruise with a Cruise Expert

Cruise Experts are an extremely beneficial and integral part of planning your ultimate cruise holiday.
With over 50 cruise lines and over 350 individual cruise ships sailing around the globe – the world of cruising can be confusing and overwhelming, particularly for the first-time cruiser.

When selecting a Cruise Expert, it is recommended you make sure the agency and agent is a member of CLIA which is the Cruise Line International Association. CLIA is the governing body of the cruise industry throughout the world, and all reputable agencies specialising in cruise should be CLIA accredited. Cruise Experts can only become accredited if they complete dedicated training and modules, along with service excellence and onboard ship experiences.

Once you find the right Cruise Expert for you, you will receive personalised service and advice from a knowledgeable source that specialises in cruise holidays.
Cruise Experts are invited onboard cruise ships for private tours ranging from a ship inspection to weeklong voyages so they can truly immerse themselves in the ship, get to know the best things to do onboard and provide invaluable experience and knowledge to pass onto their respected clients.
They will be there to answer all your questions you will most definitely have, and to guide you through the sometimes-confusing process of issuing your travel insurance policy for you, airfares and pre & post cruise arrangements. Whatever time of day and method of contact you prefer, whether it’s in person, over the phone, email or text they will use to effectively communicate with you.

There is some important information that will greatly help your Cruise Expert find the perfect cruise ship and itinerary for you; examples of these are:
Do you want a big ship, medium or small ship experience? What destination are you thinking of?
Do you like days at sea or prefer port intensive sailings? What is your budget? Are you traveling with others? Would you prefer a balcony? Do you want your cabin located near the lifts or in a quiet place? Do you want to dress up onboard or keep things more casual? Do you want to laze by the pool, or do you want a lot of onboard activities on offer?
These are just some answers your Cruise Expert might like in order to present the best options for you.

Cruise Experts take on the responsibility of doing the research for you, finding the best deals, informing you when you can book your shore excursions and specialty dining onboard, and reminding you when your final payment is due. They are also there for you whilst you are onboard if you happen to need assistance, or for example if your flights get delayed or cancelled, they can assist getting you re booked to or from your destination.

With so many choices and experiences on offer in the cruising world, it is difficult to know what the best cruise line for you is, and what cruise ship is most suited to your holiday style.
This abundance of choice on offer for passengers is what makes cruising so appealing to many travellers. You can discuss with your Cruise Expert what you want to get out of your cruise holiday so they can help tailor make the perfect holiday on the best ship for you, in the most suited cabin, and destination just for you.

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