Travel in style!

What is a Boutique Cruise?

Imagine the most luxurious hotel you can. Think marble staircases, designer furniture, and plenty of open, light-filled space. Now, add more—fine dining restaurants, live entertainment, a pool, a day spa, and a breathtaking view. Picture yourself there, waking up every morning in a big, comfortable bed, your every need being accommodated by attentive staff, and each moment carrying you toward an exciting new destination. Too good to be true? Nope. This is life on board a boutique cruise!

For the elite traveller

Think first-class luxury. Boutique cruises cater for the elite traveller, with all fixtures, furnishings, and features emanating style and extravagance. You won’t feel like just another number. These ships tend to limit how many guests are on board which ensures a high crew-to-guest ratio and an even higher level of service.

Fine food and drink

Whether you’re a gourmet eater or a collector of fine wine, you’ll be able to satisfy your palate on a boutique cruise. Taste the flavours of the world, dress up for formal dinners, and learn how to pair your wine with your meal from knowledgeable sommeliers. The level of fine dining (and accompanying dress standards) do vary between cruise companies, from black tie to country-club casual. Be sure to do your research with the help of the My Cruises team to make sure that you’re definitely travelling in the style that you’re accustomed to!

Explore further

Boutique cruises don’t just enrich your tastebuds. With smaller vessels, these cruises can take you to more ports than a standard cruise package. Plus, boutique cruises are often more long-haul journeys so you’ll be able to unpack, get comfortable, and explore some of the world’s most fascination destinations without any of the stress usually associated with global travel!

Enjoy the homely elegance of a boutique cruise and see the world from an elevated vantage point. Contact our My Cruises Holiday Experts to book it in!

By Kelsey Bricknell

Kelsey is a sun chaser and, when not writing about great cruise escapes for My Cruises, she can be found seeking eternal summer around the world. Her favourite cruise destination is the South Pacific. From vibrant coral reefs and beachside dining, to lush tropical vegetation and joyous cultural ceremonies, every South Pacific port meets Kelsey’s “ideal holiday” standards! The Mediterranean and Norwegian Fjords are on her cruise to-do list—the pull of stunning Greek coastlines, good food and wine and historic art and architecture almost win hands-down, but every sun lover can make an exception for the breathtaking icy mountain passes of Europe’s Far North!