There are so much cruising out in the market right now, and when faced with all the choices, we quite often find people saying; “I just want to explore the world by sea.”


For some, it’s only unpacking once, for others it’s having incredible facilities onboard, or some are driven purely by destination. While all cruises offer a similar mix, each cruise style has its own signature appeal. So we thought we would put together a little post about the things we love about the most popular styles of cruising.



Ocean Cruises

There’s a wide range of itineraries, cruise ships and cruise lines to choose from for those looking for a taste of life at sea or an incredible journey that spans countries. Where the destinations come to you by way of sparkling seas, ocean cruising is a carefree holiday.

From fabulous pools and sundecks, lounges, cafes, and restaurants to gyms, day spas, celebrity chef restaurants, and adults-only enclaves, too everything you could need is within easy reach.

If you can tear yourself away from your sunny spot on the deck, everything from the tropical islands of the South Pacific to the glitz and glam of the Mediterranean and Caribbean coastlines awaits on an ocean cruise. Check out our hottest Ocean Cruises here


Transpacific Cruises

Transpacific repositioning cruises are not only exotic and luxurious but also easily accessible and highly affordable. Traversing the entire ocean from coast to coast, transpacific cruises are a great way to see the world. From both tropical and cultural island stops and everything in between, you will take in sweeping views of the Pacific while stopping in exotic ports to see the secluded beaches of Vanuatu or the volcanic vistas of Hawaii. Check out our Transpacific Cruises here


World Cruises

Longer round the world voyages are the pinnacle of travel experiences. You can explore the far corners of the world in total style and comfort. Elegant staterooms genuinely become a home away from home, lifelong friendships are formed with like-minded cruisers, and your onboard inclusions are elevated to new standards of service. Check out our World Cruises here


River Cruises

A relaxing cruise along the world’s ancient arteries is an inherently relaxing – and luxurious – way to travel. Whether you’re navigating medieval stretches of Europe or cruising Southeast Asia’s salad bowl along the Mekong River, each new day on a river cruise brings a wealth of interesting experiences. Check out our River Cruises here



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