In today’s world, 90% of us Australians care a significant amount about the welfare of our planet and the sustainability of our environment. Honestly, there is no denying the importance this care and consideration, when thinking about our impacts and our actions, has in helping change global warming and climate change. 


As consumers, we have a simple power that can dramatically impact the environment’s sustainability. A concept known as voting with your dollar. Simply put, as consumers we choose what we purchase and who we purchase it with. We can actively choose to purchase in ways that support sustainability, be it products or the companies behind such products. 


MyCruises are proud to be apart of this movement, empowering you, our customers, with the ability to vote with your dollar. Purchase cruise holidays that will give you the most out of your holiday, but not at the detriment to our environment. 


One of CLIA’s main focuses is partnering with cruise lines and agents who believe this same thing; nothing has to be at the detriment of the planet. They work with partners that have the same environmental commitment, innovation, and who are also working tirelessly to drive positive results and change in the cruise industry. In fact, a massive $22 billion has already been invested into the industry, focused on creating new energy-efficient technologies and cleaner fuel options. 


Advanced wastewater treatment systems, liquified natural gas utilisation, exhaust gas cleaning systems and shore-side power capability are some of the powerhouse impacts CLIA cruise lines and agents are having on the wider industry. Read more about that these impacts mean for the industry and the results created thus far here


At MyCruises, we value the phenomenal environment around us, we want you all to adventure around the world and see the beauty within it. We want you to adventure through a healthy environment, and one that will not be going anywhere, for that we are proud CLIA agents, dedicated to making sure our actions and partners have sustainability at the heart. 


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