Whether you are a first-time cruiser or a seasoned cruiser, river cruising is a relaxing and destination-rich experience that has something to offer those wanting an unmatched cruise holiday.


Why You Will Fall in Love With River Cruising?River Cruising

River cruising offers a very different experience of that on a large ocean cruise ship – for starters, instead of holidaying with 5,000 other passengers, you will generally have a maximum of 200 other like minded travellers on the ship. If laying by the pool deck sipping cocktails is your ideal cruise holiday, then I would leave the river cruising to the more intrepid traveller.

River cruising is an extremely port intensive journey which makes it the perfect way to immerse yourself in a destination. Your ship will dock right in the centre of town, and often will be docked from sunrise to sunset, which makes exploring the destination relaxing and easy. River cruising alleviates the stress of travelling between counties with small towns and villages that are difficult to visit on your own. Most of the sailing occurs during the night, so each day you are waking up in the heart of a new charming location ready to explore.

Shore Excursions

Why You Will Fall in Love With River Cruising?Shore excursions are an essential element of river cruising and often are included in your cruise fare. Each day you have the choice of leisurely guided tours, culturally enriching excursions or more active independent excursions – there is something to offer all types of traveller, interests and fitness levels. These excursions are carefully curated to ensure you can

explore like a local and immerse yourself in authentic culture, cuisine and sights of each destination.

Onboard river cruises you will find a focus on culinary excellence and wellness for the mind, body & spirit. Your meals will be sourced from the freshest ingredients from the local villages and towns you visit, which will only enhance your experience.

Where to River Cruise?

Why You Will Fall in Love With River Cruising?

The Rhine River is one of the most picturesque river cruise itineraries in the world. The towns along the Rhine offer a magical and unique experience for you each day. You can taste local wines at family run vineyards, marvel at medieval castles, and stroll through fairy-tale towns. There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing then heading to the top deck of the ship, sipping some local wine in the sun and watching the countryside and quaint villages pass you by.

The most popular European itinerary is that between Amsterdam & Budapest through the heart of Europe, however for a different experience, try exploring the Douro River in Portugal, the imperial waterways of Russia or the scenic rivers & towns of the south of France.

River cruising is not only throughout Europe but also very popular through Asia & Egypt. Explore the timeless wonders of Asia whilst you cruise down iconic rivers like the Mekong, Yangtze, Nile, & Ganges, all from the comfort of your deluxe suite onboard your river cruise ship.



There are river cruises for all types of budgets and inclusiveness. Scenic, APT & Uniworld are recommended for those looking for an all-inclusive experience where you will receive unparalleled hospitality and impeccable service onboard. There are other product offerings in the market such as Emerald Waterways & Travelmarvel, that offer a deluxe onboard experience, just not as inclusive as the likes of Scenic & Uniworld. Instead, they have optional shore excursions for an additional cost, and only drinks included during mealtimes for example. This helps bring down the cruise fare for consumers and provides a more affordable option for river cruising.

After reading are you feeling like a river cruise? Well if you head over a check out our selection of River Cruises that will have you exploring some of the worlds most beautiful rivers or give us a call on 1300 509 338, and one of our friendly cruise consultants can help you book the River Cruise experience of a lifetime.