Are you a cruiser that usually books a Balcony cabin, buys a drinks package and books shore excursions? Have you ever thought about taking the step up to a suite and get everything included, plus more!

The best way to work out if you will get better value for money booking a Suite instead of a Balcony is by working out the additional cost of your drinks package, specialty dining meals, gratuities, entry to thermal suites, internet package & shore excursions to your Balcony cruise fare. You may find it better value for money to book straight into a Suite and receive all the exclusivity & bells and whistles that come with suites.

Cruise Suites

Passengers that are in-suite categories are eligible for a list of perks and exclusive benefits to make your cruise experience more luxurious and all inclusive. There are a wide variety of suite categories ranging from the lead in Mini-Suites, Junior Suites, Ocean Suites & Sky Suites for example, and these categories also vary in inclusiveness. At the top end of the suite categories on some ships, the suites are in key card access only areas with exclusive restaurants, pool facilities, and other spaces.

Suite guests start their cruise holiday off as a celebrity with priority embarkation. Suite guests have a separate check in line and lounge area to wait within the cruise terminal before they board. With some cruise lines, this lounge area will be stocked with drinks and food, along with a private concierge to answer any questions or make any bookings for you. This may follow by a separate welcome party/reception once onboard with the ship’s officers. Once you check into your lavishly designed suite, you will generally find special amenities such as fresh flowers, fresh fruit, a bottle of champagne, chocolates, stocked minibar, and afternoon canapes delivered to your cabin.

Cruise Suites Benefits

Included in your suite cruise fare usually involves drinks package, dinners at specialty restaurants, free internet package, access to a thermal spa, gratuities, free laundry/dry cleaning, and access to a butler and concierge services. The Butler will replace the standard Room Steward and will even help unpack and pack your luggage, polish shoes, deliver your canapes and more. The personal concierge will assist in all dining and or show reservations, shore excursions, and any questions or other special requests you may have whilst onboard. Some suites may also include shore excursions, private transfer to/from the ship and even on the luxury cruise lines, airfares will be included.

Suites are typically the first cabin categories to sell out onboard ships, even though they come with a slightly higher price tag. Travelers love the professional high level of service they receive, their spacious luxury home at sea, and all the additional benefits and perks they can enjoy booking in this class of cabin. Be sure to book in advance to get the best deals and suite selection of your choice and start planning your step up to luxury.

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