Yesterday was the wrap of CLIA Cruise Month, and what an epic month it has been.


From sharing our own cruise stories, sustainability in the industry, our top cruise destinations and the importance of booking with a CLIA accredited agent; we have thoroughly enjoyed starting a conversation about an industry we care deeply about, with you all.


The cruise industry is growing unbelievably fast. From exploring the depths of the Caribbean and Tahiti to Arabian odysseys, quests through Europe and Asia, exotic adventures in Africa or relaxing and luxurious River Cruises, we love that Australian’s are experiencing for themselves just how wonderful jumping onboard a cruise is. Destinations are endless, ways of cruising are diverse, and the experiences you can have onboard are entirely customisable to you.


While it is beyond exciting picking your cruise holiday, we believe it is just as important, knowing that your adventure won’t be detrimental to someone else.


The cruise industry has an important responsibility to look after the people within our industry and the natural environment we work and play in.


One of our focuses for cruise month was to, along with CLIA, start a sustainability conversion about what the cruise industry is doing to look after the natural world around us. Click here to have a read of our sustainability blog post.


Another one of our focuses was highlighting the importance of booking with a CLIA accredited agent. We have written a blog post highlighting why it is essential. Click here to read. As a highlight for you, there are countless reasons, but to us, it is peace of mind, convenience, extra value and tailor-made travel is what makes booking with a CLIA accredited agent crucial.


From the My Cruises team, we would like to share thankyou for enjoying cruise month with us! Be sure to head over to the CLIA website to catch up with what they have been doing and head over to our Instagram to see more our cruise month information.