5 cabin space-saving tips!

Cruise cabins are small—it just goes with the territory. At My Cruises, we want to make sure that your cruise holiday is as enjoyable as possible. We’ve done the research and asked around to compile a list of the best cabin space-saving tips. Read on to find out how to make your cruise experience more comfortable!

Some cruise companies have gone to incredible efforts to effectively use the limited space designated for cabins, but in the end it is just that…limited. On a whole this isn’t a bad thing—if your cabin is a bit squishy you’re probably more likely to get out and enjoy all the on-board activities, restaurants, and entertainment as you sail from port to port. But cruises shouldn’t make you uncomfortable, and space shouldn’t just be obtainable for those willing to pay extra to upgrade their rooms! So here’s what you can do.

  1. Hang and stash

Basically anything that hangs will save you space. In a tiny area, the last thing you want is to have bags and clothes all over the place. Clutter has a nasty way of making small areas look even smaller so take advantage of the hanging space in your cabin, unpack right away and then stash your bags where they’re not going to be in the way! Pro Tip: Think about taking a toiletry bag that hangs over the door or has a hook. This will save space in the bathroom!  

  1. Take a shoe rack

No, you didn’t read that wrong, but don’t be scared—when we say “take a shoe rack”, we don’t mean one of those stand-alone shelving structures, we mean the foldable cloth organisers that hang on the back of the door! With multiple pockets you can store hairbrushes, sprays, underwear, plus the occasional shoe! You won’t need to bring your bag out of hiding to access your stuff, and when it’s time to go, the rack will take up next to no room when you fold it down!

  1. Make a power station

A power station is another great way to reduce clutter. Pack a power-board big enough to charge all of your devices and then designate an area for everything to get plugged in! Power-boards, while they may be long, are thin and easy to squeeze in on top of all your luggage. With the limited bench space in your cabin, this will be one of your most valuable items—keep all your devices together and use the free space to store books, creams, glasses, or whatever else you might take with you!

  1. Suction hooks

These will save your life in the bathroom! Well, maybe not, but they will buy you a bit of extra space! Most supermarkets and discount stores stock the simple suction back-plastic hook combo. All you need to do is wet the back and press them into the glass or wall. These will hold shower caps and smaller toiletry baskets. If you’re planning to hang slightly heavier things (towels or clothes) shop around for the double suction-metal hook combo. You can find these in homewares stores and Ikea.

  1. Pegs and string

Pegs and string are our final recommended space-saving items. They’re “just-in-case” items and can be used to create extra hanging space (in combination with your suction hooks), or to hold shower curtains back to avoid the dreaded skin-cling! Take a handful of each as a last resort—if it’s your first cruise, you can never truly know what to expect!