Whether for a honeymoon or just some well-earned peace, we’ve listed the top 5 benefits of adults-only cruising.


If you want a bit of alone time, a cruise is a fantastic option. An opportunity to go off the grid, not check your email, and really spend quality time with your loved one. Whether you are newlyweds, parents taking a holiday sans kids, or parents of grown-up children—sometimes you just want a bit of adult time. There are several ships now offering not only an adult-only retreat but an entire adult-only cruise. From April 8, 2019, P&O UK is re-launching the newly refurbished Aurora as adults only. She will sail itineraries including Europe, Transatlantic crossings, the Caribbean, South America, North America, Canada and Australia. The Aurora joins the other adult-only P&O UK ships, the Arcadia and Oriana.

Other ships that are exclusively adults-only include The Viking Star and Sea, launched in 2015; and the Virgin Voyages’ first ship which is due to launch in 2020.

What does adult-only cruising mean? For most ships, this means an age restriction on 18 and over. So while you may get some young adults on your ship, there won’t be a screaming toddler or moody teenager for many a nautical mile around.  If you haven’t considered adults-only cruising, here are five benefits our My Cruise Holiday Experts think you would enjoy.


1. Peace and quite

There is nothing worse than trying to read your book by the pool with other people’s children running around splashing, shouting and inevitably crying. If you have enjoyed the serenity of an adult-only area, you will know what we mean. Now imagine a whole ship of peace and quiet. Heaven.

2. Romantic vibes

Similarly to the poolside experience, nothing can ruin a romantic evening in your cabin more than a baby crying or exhausted parents trying to wrestle their children into bed in the cabin next door. With adults-only cruising, it is romantic vibes all the way.

3. Refined dining

We have all seen that movie, a guy is halfway through pouring his heart out ready to pop the question and then disaster strikes. Whether it be kids running riot, a family fighting at the next table, or a toddler experiencing an especially bad bout of the terrible twos. With adults-only cruising, you can enjoy your dinner safe in the knowledge that family dramas are kept back on dry land.

4. Not paying for kids facilities you don’t use

Have you ever wandered the decks of a mega cruise ship and thought about all the facilities aimed at kids that you simply won’t use? Make sure your cruise fare goes towards opulent spa experiences, celebrity chef restaurants and top-notch entertainment—as opposed to cartoon characters at breakfast and kids club activities.

5. No line for ice cream…

Good news for the cruise passengers with a sweet tooth, choosing an adults-only cruise means that you won’t have to wait in line behind a horde of squabbling children to get your afternoon ice cream cone.


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Post by Sarah Tayler

Sarah is an avid traveller. When not writing for My Cruises, she can be found gallivanting around the globe. Her favourite port of call is Barcelona because it’s close to the city and she is a sucker for Gaudi and tapas! A big fan of leisurely river cruising as well, Sarah loves nothing more than stopping off along the banks of the Loire Valley for a spot of wine tasting and visiting Bordeaux for the history and amazing French food. On her cruise holiday to-do list is the Panama Canal, an Arctic expedition cruise and a river cruise through Asia.